Use these images as inspiration. Session fees start at $325. CONTACT me for pricing for all packages, details, and tips for your session.



HEADSHOT PHILOSOPHY: What I strive for in a headshot photoshoot is what I call "perfect imperfection." I want you to look like your normal, natural, everyday self on a really good day. Ultimately I want your photos to reveal the unique, special, complicated splendor that is YOU. We can shoot in natural light, indoors or outdoors at my Bristol, PA location, or I can bring my "studio setup" to you. 

As far as clothing is concerned, you should wear what makes you unique, but on the side of simple and comfortable. Clothes will hint at your type, and consideration should be made as to what you'll wear, but in the end your headshots are ultimately about your face and the vibe that's projecting from it.

I pride my brand on not being a one-style-fits-all photographer. I'm inspired by many artists, each having their own sensibilities as to how they see their subjects. Whether they photograph on the street in natural light, or if they hit their client with softboxes from every angle, I continue to learn from different aesthetics and apply this variety to your photoshoot. If you desire a solid-color backdrop, a photojournalistic approach, or even the popular cinematic style, we can make it happen! Check out my video for more!


HEADSHOT RATES: I bid on different types of jobs and have a contemporary portraiture division of my business. For this reason I don't post all my rates for headshots, yet rest assured I am competitively priced. I am not the cheapest in the Philadelphia / New York market, nor am I the most expensive. I am confident that the personal attention and quality you'll receive will be worth the investment you'll make in your personal branding. Please contact me and I'll send you info that will answer most of your questions.