One Look, Two Retouches: $325

Two Looks, Four Retouches: $450

Three Looks, Six Retouches: $600

Four Looks, Eight Retouches: $750

Additional looks: $100 each*
Additional retouches: $40 each
*Two retouched images are included for each additional look



This is not a headshot or branding session, but rather a loose, in the moment interaction where we flow with inspiration wherever it may strike. You arrive with wardrobe you love, and we play for two to three hours at a predetermined location. There are no objectives other than enjoying our time and creating cool images. A positive, ready-for-anything attitude is essential.

Three retouched images of photographer’s choice are included. Additional retouches of your choice: $40/each.

A consultation is required to set up a plan for this shoot.


Makeup: $175


Rate includes up to three hours. $50/hour after three hours. *Rate will be confirmed upon booking; rate may vary upon artists’ availability / request. Makeup is not included with the above session rates. Optional, but highly recommended for everyone! You are invited to come to the shoot hair & makeup ready, bring your own stylist, or I can provide one beginning at the above rate. Please plan to pay the makeup artist separately with cash or check if you decide to go this route.


What is a “look?”


Looks are considered wardrobe changes. Along with your wardrobe we will change lighting and background as well. You may add or take away one accessory such as glasses or a jacket without having it count as a different look.

Accessing your shoot / locations

You’ll be able to download your shoot from Dropbox within three business days after your shoot. Furthermore, you’ll be able to share your Dropbox folder with anyone you choose.


Additional retouched images are available at $40 per photo. This includes a high-resolution as well as web-ready versions of the image. For quality-control purposes, I only offer high resolution versions of images that have been retouched.


A deposit of $100 is required to reserve a session and is due at time of booking. Rescheduling or cancellation may occur up to 48 hours before your session. If you were to reschedule or cancel with less than 48 hours before your session, you would lose your deposit.

Copyrights / Usage


Clients are welcome to use their images for their sole private use and on their social networks, or for promotion on their websites or the websites of their acting/model agencies, or to produce prints for potential work or representation. The images may not be used for commercial purposes, or by any third party without my written consent. Please feel free to ask if you’re not clear on the reasons behind limitations on usage. You will be required to sign a photo release prior to your session.


For expert print reproductions, please visit colorworksnyc.com or reproductions.com.


Due on the day of the session. (Images will not be released/uploaded until payment is complete). We accept cash, personal checks, or PayPal.



As a general rule, for headshots, bring at least a half-dozen different tops. Avoid loud patterns and logos. Solid colors work best, however avoid white and black. Layering works. As a default, go for a “perpetual spring day” look — solid colors, long sleeves that can roll up, nice casual. Women should consider a tank top as a default. Also consider business suits or business casual. Ultimately wear what fits your personality — what makes you unique. If you understand your type, you tend to get more specific, marketable shots. You’re more in tune if you choose clothes that are specific to the characters you want to play. (If you’re auditioning for a role, what would you wear?) Wearing clothes or colors just because you think they may be right for a photo is never a good thing. Wear what you love. Get a full nights sleep the day before your shoot. (No partying!) Drink plenty of water several days leading to your shoot as well. You’ll be hydrated and your skin will thank you.

Once you’re staring down the barrel of the lens, have something going on behind your eyes — think a certain way, have an intention, project a vibe — ACT with your eyes. Doing this will always give you a better, more compelling photo. But above all, don’t fake it. Feel it. Be honest and true with your intentions. I will also coach your physicality in addition to your emotions. Those who show up on time are usually more professional and focused. If you’re rushing into a shoot because you need photos right away, you’ll tend to have an unprepared/unfocused shoot. Understand a headshot is a business tool. Not a glamour shot or a cover of a magazine, but a tool. Unless you’re a supermodel, getting your picture taken can just feel weird. However if you set your intention on feeling confident and having fun, all will be well. If you believe you’re going to get great photos, you will.


Reshoot / refund policy and print permission forms available upon request. Returning clients enjoy 15% off current session rates. Pricing and packages are subject to change.